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More than a bike

We are aware of the negative impact of the traffic of motorized vehicles on society. For this reason, we want to support and promote sustainable mobility in cities by offering our wooden frames and urban bikes.

Our frames and bikes are for everyone who supports sustainable mobility and is looking for a different kind of product which gives comfort for everyday mobility and whose design is unique.

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Furniture - Single drawer


Furniture - Double drawer


Simple shelf furniture


furniture Shelf


Furniture - Basic Drawer


Design and exclusivity

 Our frames are designed with an ergonomics which provides comfort, durability and resistance without renouncing to style.

Quality and resistance

Thanks to timber fibre and its hardness, resistance and lightness, as well as the treatment we give them, our wooden frames show resistance to extreme conditions in strict tests. 


Due to its molecular structure, the wooden frame absorbs any vibrations caused by impacts while maintaining its original form.


We have great competitivity, offering a very positive balance between quality and price.

Guarantee and Warranty

We take our job very seriously, and for this reason we offer the best quality. Our frames are supported by external companies like Abimota, which is in charge of performing every test required by ISO. We also offer a five-year warranty on the frames. We offer 5 years of warranty for our frames.


Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests. We don’t emit any CO2 or other gases to the atmosphere.


TBK bikes are apt to various sectors, such as urban mobility, fashion, decoration and hotel industry due to its beauty and versatility.

Wide range of products

We offer different types of bikes, urban, road bikes, a touring bike, and several accessories to make your bike exclusive and different just like you!


We offer a wide variety of types of wood to customize both frame and accessories: ash, beech, sapele, cherry, maple and wengue.