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About TBK Bike



We are a family company from the south of Spain, in Andalusia. Our name is TBK Bike and have many years’ experience in the world of wood, since we come from a carpentry company. We are passionate about it and about cycling too. Thus, since 2015 we have been designing wooden urban bikes upon four main pillars: sustainability, quality, comfort and design. We have recently engaged in the design of a new models: a road bike and a trekking bike.

However, you may be wondering, why a wooden bike? As mentioned before, one of our main goals is sustainability. We think that we have to give back nature all that she offers us. That is why we developed the most sustainable process of production, with sustainable raw materials and combining high technology with handcraft, without emissions of gases, which results in bicycles as resistant as conventional ones and even more comfortable and lighter.

Culture and beliefs in TBK Bike

Our motto is urban mobility and its importance for our future development. Hurries and a frenetic rythmn identify today’s society, where immediacy is crucial. Movements merge against this situation at a global level, which try to paliate this rythmn by changing habits and introducing cycle mobility as a sustainable alternative.

Bicycles use is increasing every day and imposing a new attitude towards sustainable mobility. Riding a bike brings a healthy lifestyle, reduces acoustic pollution and traffic congestion and doesn’t emit any toxic gases to the atmosphere.

We are passionate about nature. We want to inspire you and connect you with nature through cycling. We believe that, if we design from nature, we will always be in equilibrium with it and creating something that returns and perpetuates a part of what makes it unique: its beauty, simplicity and functionality, three traits that we apply in our creations.

“Creating solutions for a more sustainable world”

We have doubled our staff in the last three years, thus helping the development our city.
Wood is an eco-friendly and recyclable material, which helps mitigate global warming.
We have increased our wooden bikes offer, thus entering the European market.
We invest our benefits in engineering studies for the development of new and improved products.