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7 features that make our TBK bikes unique



Weight, resistance or sustainability? What makes our wooden bikes so different? We bring you answers for the most frequent questions that you may have asked yourself about our bikes. These confirm which are the perks and unique features that wood as raw material brings to the production of our TBK bikes.


Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests, by companies that own the relevant international certifications. Sustainability is also present in the process of manufacture, as it requires less energy and emits less CO2 than with other materials. Furthermore, we make accessories like pedals, handlebars and mudguards out of the spare wood. 

Environmental factors


Frames are totally waterproofed thanks to a damp-proof treatment, so as to resist any inclement weather. This treatment creates a barrier against both humidity penetration and ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB). Besides, it gives wood brightness and beauty.


The frame design shows both longed comfort and resistance. It consists of an empty structure similar to monocoque frames in ships. Just like in other carpentry works, we respect the natural wood grain in order to ensure resistance in the bike.


Our models are submitted to European Regulation EN ISO 4210 “Safety Requirements for Bicycles” for the marketing of bicycles and other cycles. 


Our urban bicycles weight from 10 to 14 kg (20 to 30 pounds) and around 21 kg (46 pounds), the electric version. We achieve this lightness thanks to the empty structure.


Our varnished frames don’t need a specific maintenance. The main maintenance task is cleaning. It’s easy and cheap. You only need water, neutral soap and wood oil. Avoid using corrosive products with an acidic or ammoniacal base.


We work with a wide range of types of wood, being ash the most common. The selected type of wood becomes the heart of every frame, enhanced with beech, sapele, wengué, cherry and maple. The different types of wood combined with its specific grain and knots make possible manifold matchings for a totally customized bicycle.