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Curious projects that wood has brought us throughout history



Wood is present in our daily life almost imperceptibly, playing an important role in innovation throughout History. We are going to provide evidence by offering a list of objects produced out of wood that you didn’t know.  If after reading this article you are still asking yourself what is so good about wood that we want to make our frames from this material, please take a look at our “Only wood” section.

Mosquito, the wooden aircraft from the WWII

De Havilland Mosquito was a British wooden combat aircraft that excelled during the Second World War. It was originally conceived as an unarmed, light and fast bomber, although it finally became one of the most versatile aircrafts during the war. It served the Royal Air Force (RAF) among others, both during the WWII and post-war period and it fought in Europe, in the Middle and Far East and the Eastern Front.


In 1936 the RAF asked a series of companies to present their designs for an aircraft. A company named Havilland responded in a curious manner: a bomber produced almost entirely out of wood. At first, they suggested the company that they modified the idea, but De Havilland was convinced that this nonconventional idea was worth it. In fact, the Mosquito became one of the most renowned aircrafts in the WWII. It was assigned nicknames like “Mossie”, “the Wooden Wonder” or “The Wooden Horror.”

Wood pillows for resting

Pillows have always been part of our history since the oldest times, but sure you didn’t know that the first pillows were made out of wood. Wood holed-pillows have been found in tombs belonging to pharaohs or people from high social classes from the Ancient Egypt.

In Chinese culture it was believed that pillows made out of soft materials wouldn’t keep demons from reaching them and that they made people lose their energy and health, that’s why they ended up making pillows out of hard materials, like wood.

Geishas in Japan used to use hard pillows too, only smaller, with the intention of keeping their necks high during the sleep. Due to their bothersome hairdos they had to get used to sleep with a cradle for the base of the neck called Takamakura with a cushion on top.


More evolved versions of these wooden pillows are still marketed today in some countries due to its skills to improve our cervixes and position and to help us release tension and massage our backs.

The biggest sailing yacht in the world was made out of wood

Her name is Dream Symphony and is 141 meters (463 feet) long and 18 meters (60 feet) wide, what makes her the biggest sailing yacht in the world.


What makes this project so fascinating is the fact that the structure is predominantly produced out of wood. The selected wood was Iroko, a resistant African wood which will have the task of absorbing great loads of work produced by mast compression, rigging and the waves’ movement.

A wooden handle for hammers


Something ordinary like a hammer. Haven’t you ever asked yourself why the handle of a hammer has to be made out of wood? The answer is that it helps not to modify the center of mass of the whole tool, given that the density of wood is much lesser than that of the iron. This way the impact of the hammer doesn’t make any pressure on the hand. Furthermore, all the kinetic energy of the hammer goes in a forward direction.