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Designs born in nature



We are passionate about nature. We want to inspire you and connect you with nature through cycling. We believe that, if we design from nature, we will always be in equilibrium with it and creating something that returns and perpetuates a part of what makes it unique: its beauty, simplicity and functionality, three traits that we apply in our creations.

We are passionate about wood too. Is there a more ecological raw material? It’s not just its beauty. Wood is warm, flexible and solid at the same time and a living material that makes each piece different. It contributes to our well-being too, as wooden settings have a positive effect on health. According to a research by the Instituto de Biomecánica of Valencia and the Confederación Española de Empresas de la Madera (Confemadera), a Spanish association for wood companies, for the Project “Living with wood,” it improves our living standards and gives comfort. This study gives evidence that wood has favorable properties for a healthy lifestyle and improves our quality of life. For that reason, being surrounded by wood in our daily life helps us enjoy a greater well-being.

But if we love nature, we have to engage and protect it. Thus, we follow the corporate social responsibility principles and our wood comes from sustainably managed forests.

Currently there are two important international certifications: FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) y PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification). Their objective is to ensure a properly sustainable forest management, both socially beneficial and financially viable. This can be achieved through a voluntary submission by companies and an evaluation of forests. It consists of audits in several stages of the process, covering from the forest to the final product.

In TBK Bike we select the best wood from companies which have these certifications and belong to the Asociación Española del Comercio e Industria de la Madera (Spanish association for wood commerce and industry), engaged with responsible wood commerce. A principle in their code of best practice is “to engage with responsible wood commerce, to exclude wood from illegal tree felling, to promote forest sustainable management and to support forest certification as a final guarantee for the consumer.”

Why certifying?

The main reasons to certify (and use) this sort of wood are:

· A sustainable forest management has benefits for the environment: it reduces the risk of fires, avoids deforestation, preserves biodiversity, contributes to mitigate the climate change and preserves water and soil, among others.

·   It has financial benefits, as it improves productivity by rationalizing the use of the forest.

·   Forests produce not only wood, but also cork, firewood, resin and pasture. This benefits society by creating jobs and social well-being.

·   Preserving the environment benefits the development of rural regions and promotes leisure activities in nature.


If we consume products from certified wood, we ensure that they come from a responsible and sustainable felling. This way we preserve the forests so that they keep on absorbing the CO2 we emit into the atmosphere, preserve the water cycle by avoiding deforestation, droughts, and an increase in global warming. Is it not enough?