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Taking the forest to the city



TBK Bike participated with great success at Unibike 2015, International Bike Fair, from 18th to 20th September. It was organized by AMBE (Spanish association for bikes) and took place in IFEMA (Madrid). According to internal statistics, the Fair welcomed more than 500 brands from this sector and 10,000 visitors in its second edition. From TBK Bike we thought this would be a great opportunity to introduce wood in an urban landscape through our designs.

This was our official presentation at a national level. City, Jasper and Pokhara, our most urban models, bring the idea to life that freedom is possible when riding a bike. Through these models we would like to introduce a living, classic, natural and sustainable element as wood in our cities.

Wood craft industry and technology combine to make our TBK bikes more than a bicycle. We have provided evidence of that in Unibike 2015. Visitors could verify at our stand that tradition and technology, a perfect symbiosis, can merge to produce the most innovative designs and obtain from wood all that makes it perfect for the production of bicycle frames.

Unibike Fair

Precisely, we recently had the opportunity to talk about what it is that makes wood an exclusive material in Unibike Fair, where we had the possibility to talk about urban bikes and fashions. Among the most important features that make wood unique is that timber fiber absorbs vibrations caused by impacts, maintaining at the same time the original form of the frame, due to its elasticity and flexibility. Thus, the rolling is more comfortable. As timber is a natural living element, it is possible to restore and repair it, so that if it is damaged, fissures will not spread. Furthermore, it contributes to sustainability. The different types of wood combined with its specific grain and knots make possible manifold matchings for a totally customized bicycle. There aren’t two identical TBK bikes, that’s why our slogan is “different and unique, just like you.”

Wood is friendly to the environment, a renewable material whose sustainable use benefits the environment and, therefore, society: it is recyclable, it contributes to mitigate the climate change, it hardly requires energy or emits C02 in its preparation and it offers solutions that enable innovative designs. In our commitment to the principles of corporate social responsibility, the timbers from which we manufacture our TBK bikes come from sustainably managed forests. From TBK Bike, we select the best timbers from companies that have the relevant international certifications.

Few materials have wood capacity of evocation. For thousands of years humans have manipulated it to serve their needs. Throughout history wood has been used in many fields, as in aeronautics, navigation or construction. We see it in houses, tools, even the early bicycles of history were made out of wood. That is precisely what we look for: to bring back a traditional material, but to combine it with modern components which bring along beautiful and original creations.

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