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TBK Bike and Martín Berasategui (Spanish Chef), an innovative collaboration to bring together the best of gastronomy and sustainable mobility.



Our Andalusian brand of wooden-framed bicycles and the renowned Spanish chef, together for a new project where we combine art, cycling, sustainable mobility and haute cuisine.

Martín Berasategui, the most starred Spanish chef by Michelin (seven stars), is the image of the new collection of bicycles by the Sevillian brand TBK Bike, a special limited edition signed by the chef and that will be decorating his restaurant Eme Be Garrote from now on.

This fabulous restaurant, located in Ibaeta district, in San Sebastián (north of Spain), is an old sagardotegi, characterized by, as described by them, a contemporary and euskandinavian style. It’s located in a natural scenery with an original deeply rooted ornamentation, where wood plays the most important role. For that reason, TBK Bike designs match perfectly its aesthetics. Our wooden bikes are not only a product to be enjoyed while pedaling, but also “works of art”, as Martín Berasategui said. Customers will not only enjoy the incredible gastronomic experience that the excellent menu offers, but they will also be able to experience what it is to ride a wooden bicycle.

Martín Berasategui is a pioneer and renowned for a charismatic and creative cuisine where he combines, as main ingredients, technical precision and new products. His philosophy is similar to the one of TBK Bike, where artisanal work united with wood and technical precision make our designs much more than just a bicycle. We work from the idea that tradition and technology can match in a perfect symbiosis, achieving more innovative designs and obtaining from wood everything that makes it perfect for the production of bicycle frames.

Together with Martín Berasategui, renowned for a modern, balanced and aesthetic cuisine, we get to fusion the best of gastronomy with a healthy lifestyle, while promoting sustainable mobility, all being essential values of our philosophy. Thanks to this innovative collaboration, it is reality. The TBK Bike team considers its designs been born from nature. We believe that, if we design from nature, we will always be in equilibrium with it and creating something that returns and perpetuates a part of what makes it unique: its beauty, simplicity and functionality, three traits that we apply in our creations.

Why wood?

Few materials have wood capacity of evocation. For thousands of years humans have manipulated it to serve their needs. Throughout history wood has been used in many fields, as in aeronautics, navigation or construction.

The features that make wood a unique material are its strength and resistance, being able to support much more vibration due to its own molecular structure. Thus, the rolling is most convenient and comfortable. As timber is a natural living element, it is possible to restore and repair it, so, if it is damaged, fissures will not spread. Furthermore, it contributes to sustainability. Wood is eco-friendly, a renewable material whose sustainable use benefits the environment and, therefore, society: it is recyclable, it contributes to mitigate the climate change, it hardly requires energy or emits C02 in its production and it offers solutions that enable innovative designs. In our commitment to the principles of corporate social responsibility, the timbers from which we manufacture our TBK bikes come from sustainably managed forests. In TBK Bike, we select the best timbers from companies that have the relevant international certifications.

In addition, there is the specificity of each piece of wood, with its particular grain and knots, which make possible the design of exclusive and unique bikes. There aren’t two identical TBK bikes, that’s why our slogan is “different and unique, just like you.”

On TBK Bike and Martín Berasategui

The idea of creating the brand TBK Bike was born in a small Sevillian company consisting of professionals with more than 15 years of experience in the field of wood, design and interior decoration. We consider ourselves to be passionate about wood, but also about nature, the environment and sport. That is where the idea of manufacturing wooden-framed bicycles comes from.

Martín Berasategui was born in 1960 in San Sebastián (north of Spain). He entered the world of gastronomy at the age of 13, in a family restaurant called Bodegón Alejandro. In 1981 he took charge of the restaurant, while he was studying cuisine in Issengeaux (1979-1986), where he had the chance to meet several internationally renowned chefs. In 1986 he was granted his first Michelin star. Today he is the most starred chef in Spain.