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TBK bikes, different and unique, just like you



Yes, they truly are different and unique, because in TBK Bike we believe that tradition and technology join in perfect symbiosis, which makes it possible for us to create the most innovative designs and to obtain from wood what makes it special for the manufacturing of bike frames. For this reason, we use artisanal techniques while applying the most recent technology in wood treatment, so that we can produce resistant, flexible, light, stable and really beautiful frames.

In TBK Bike we want you to experience the freedom of riding a bike. For this purpose, our designs are studied in detail to achieve the maximum level of comfort. Artisanal work and technology combine to make TBK bikes more than just bicycles.

More than a bicycle because we are motivated by our passion for wood, as we are an Andalusian company with more than a 15-year experience in this sector, and because we love the lifestyle bikes provide us. This is evidenced in our designs. Thus, TBK Bike is born from passion and experience.

We always say “only wood.” Few materials have wood capacity of evocation. For thousands of years humans have manipulated it to serve their needs. It was one of the first materials to be used in house construction and in the production of hunting tools and utensils. Then, it became one of the favorite materials for the construction of palaces and temples. Even today wood happens to be irreplaceable in manifold elements and applications of daily life.

Timber fiber has both physical and mechanical properties. It absorbs impact vibrations as no other material does, maintaining at the same time its original form.

Furthermore, going with wood is going with sustainability. Wood is friendly to the environment, a renewable material whose sustainable use benefits the environment and, therefore, society. Wood is present in our daily life almost imperceptibly. It is recyclable, it contributes to mitigate the climate change, it hardly requires energy or emits C02 in its preparation and it offers solutions that enable innovative designs.


We want you to know us. We invite you to join our world on wheels.