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TBK participates in LikeBike Monte-Carlo



LikeBike Monte-Carlo (3rd-5th June), in Monaco, has become a showcase for luxury bikes. The event takes place at the Grimaldi Forum and exhibits the most prestigious brands. Our TBK bikes had to be present to prove it is possible to combine glamour and nature on the road if you are using wood as a raw material.

The show has been opened to the public a few hours ago and there are still three days ahead to achieve our goal: to prove why wood has unique features for the production of wooden frames and makes our creations special. With this purpose we have travelled to Monaco with two limited editions of our designs Jasper and Pokhara.

Despite it has been only hours, a lot of people and some media have already visited our stand, attracted by our designs’ originality. You can watch an extract of an interview to our colleague in the LikeBike Show or listen to the clip of our participation in Radio Monaco below: [embed=audio]{"uri":"post:26/TBK-BIKE-EN-RADIO-MONACO.m4a"}[/embed]

And below you can see pictures of how everything is going:

Why wood?

We were telling you about our challenge in this show: to prove what is that makes wood unique as a raw material. If you are asking yourself “Why wood?” the answer is simple: pedaling on a wooden bike is much more comfortable thanks to the timber fiber, which absorbs vibrations caused by impacts, maintaining at the same time its original form.

In addition, wood is respectful to the environment. It is a renewable material whose sustainable use benefits the environment and, therefore, society. Almost imperceptibly, wood surrounds us in our everyday life. Among its qualities we can include that it is recyclable, it contributes to mitigate the climate change, it hardly requires energy or emits C02 in its preparation and it offers solutions that enable innovative designs. In our commitment to the principles of corporate social responsibility, the timbers from which we produce our TBK bikes come from sustainably managed forests.

There aren’t two identical TBK wooden bikes. The specificity of each piece of wood, with its particular grain and knots, makes possible the design of exclusive and unique bikes, just like you.