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  • Sustainability

    Our wood comes from sustainably managed forests, from companies that own the relevant international certifications, like PEFC. Sustainability is also present in the process of manufacture, as it requires less energy and emits less CO2 than the production from other materials. Furthermore, we make accessories out of the spare wood in order to make the most of our resources.

  • Environmental factors

    Frames are totally waterproofed thanks to a damp-proof treatment, so as to resist any kind of weather. This treatment with epoxy creates a barrier against both humidity penetration and ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB).

  • Quality

    Our models are submitted to European Regulation EN ISO 4210 “Safety Requirements for Bicycles” for the marketing of bicycles and other cycles. The quality of our frames is supported by external companies like Abimota, which is in charge of performing all tests. 

  • Customization

    We work mainly with ash wood, which accompanies other kinds of wood as maple, sapele, wengue and beech. The different types of wood combined to the specificity of each piece because of its knots and grain allows us to create different combinations to personalize your bike. Tell us with which kind of wood you identify the most and we will make your bike unique like you.

  • Resistance

    Wood is flexible and resistant at the same time. Furthermore, grain direction is respected at all times during the process of manufacture in order to make a more resistant frame.

  • Maintenance

    Our frames don’t need any specific maintenance apart from cleaning with water and protection soaps or oils. Under no circumstances should you use corrosive products.

  • Weight

    Our bikes are lightweight but resistent. This balance is achieved through manual work, which makes the most of every piece of wood.


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