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Few materials have wood capacity of evocation. For thousands of years humans have manipulated it to serve their needs. Throughout history wood has been used in many fields, as in aeronautics, navigation or construction. We see it in houses, tools, even the early bicycles of history were made out of wood. Today it remains an irreplaceable material in innumerable elements and applications in daily life.

Timber fiber is hard, resistant and light, what makes it the perfect material for the manufacturing of bicycles. One of the features that makes timber a unique material is its resistance to the fatigue of the frame, which supports much more vibration due to its own molecular structure. Thus, the rolling is most comfortable. As timber is a natural living element, it is possible to restore and repair it, so if it is damaged, fissures will not spread. Furthermore, it is a material that contributes to sustainability.

Contrary to what many people may think , our creations with timber, which we submit to a sealing process with epoxy resin similar to the nautical, offer high resistance to environmental factors such as humidity, rain or ultraviolet radiation. When timber is combined with a set of advanced technologies it becomes a high performance material that will forever change your concept of timber.

In addition to these basic features of wood as material, we take special care on the importance of the daily use of our TBK bikes, frames and accessories. With our product developers, we test our designs thoroughly before incorporating them into our catalogue following the Spanish standard UNE-EN ISO 4210 parts 1-9 “Safety requirements for bicycles” (official version of the European standard UNE-EN ISO 4210 parts 1-9).

Environmental Sustainability

Wood is friendly to the environment, a renewable material whose sustainable use benefits the environment and, therefore, society. Almost imperceptibly, wood surrounds us in our everyday life. Among its qualities we can include that it is recyclable, it contributes to mitigate the climate change, it hardly requires energy or emits C02 in its preparation and it offers solutions that enable innovative designs.
We say that our designs are born from nature. We believe that, if we design from nature, we will always be in equilibrium with it and creating something that returns and perpetuates a part of what makes it unique: its beauty, simplicity and functionality, three traits that we apply in our creations.

We talk about sustainability during the manufacturing process, since it requires less energy and emits less C02 than in the manufacture of bicycles made from other materials, and also in terms of the choice of our wood.

In our commitment to corporate social responsibility principles, the timber from which we manufacture our TBK bikes come from sustainably managed forests. From TBK Bike we select the best timber from companies that have the relevant certifications and belong to the Spanish Association of Commerce and Industry of Wood, entity committed to responsible timber management (


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