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Only Wood



Few materials have wood capacity of evocation. For thousands of years humans have manipulated it to serve their needs. Throughout history wood has been used in many fields, as in aeronautics, navigation or construction. Today it remains an irreplaceable material in innumerable elements and applications in daily life.

Timber fiber is hard, resistant and light, what makes it the perfect material for the manufacturing of bicycles, combining comfort, sustainability and design. Some of the features that makes timber a unique material is its resistance to the fatigue of the frame, which supports much more vibration due to its own molecular structure. Thus, the rolling is most comfortable. As timber is a natural living element, it is possible to restore and repair it, so if it is damaged, fissures will not spread. Furthermore, it is a material that contributes to sustainability.


Pedalling on a TBK bike is more comfortable due to different reasons. On the one hand, a TBK frame has been design keeping in mind resistance, which affects the cyclist’s comfort. It has an empty or, more specifically, a hollowed structure, similar to the structure of ships. Furthermore, as in every carpentry work, the direction of the grain is respected at all times for the sake of hardness and resistance.

On the other hand, wood can drive away vibrations resulting from impacts due to its own molecular structure, with unique physical and mechanical properties. The result is a soft, light and comfortable pedalling.

Contrary to what we may think, TBK frames offer high resistance to environmental factors such as humidity, rain or ultraviolet radiation, thanks to a sealing process with epoxy very similar to the one used in ships and several covers of varnish which isolate and protect the frame against external factors, and harden it, preventing it from breaking.


TBK frames design is studied in detail, so that they become unique and original pieces, capable of achieving a perfect harmony and balance between wood warmth and innovation. Wood is reborn in them as a distinctive element to stamp a new retro and vintage atmosphere in the city. The smallest details are taken into account during the whole process of manufacturing, in order to take care of all aspects of design and geometry, so that assemblies are almost imperceptible, as bike frames would be born from the tree in one piece. TBK frames singularity is not only due to its design, but also to the natural aesthetic of wood and its grain, specific from every piece and, in this sense, similar to fingerprints. Thus, your TBK bike will be original and different from all others.

Customize your TBK bike:

Apart from the originality of every piece of wood, you can also customize your bike by choosing among the different types of wood we offer. Due to its hardness, we work primarily with ash, present in most of our frames and can be complemented with sapele, wengue, maple, beech or cherry. Every kind of wood has its own mechanical properties, weight and colour. Together with the specificity of every piece of wood, different kinds of wood will allow you to create different combinations to customize your frame. Furthermore, to complete your TBK bike you can choose the accessories you prefer to adapt it to your style and your necessities and get a unique TBK bike.

We are passionate about nature. We want to inspire you and connect you with nature through cycling. We believe that, if we design from nature, we will always be in balance with it and creating something that returns and perpetuates a part of what makes it unique: its beauty, simplicity and functionality, three traits that we apply in our designs.


Environmental perks of wood

Trees help clean the air:

- Wood is the raw material with the least impact on the atmosphere and the lowest carbon footprint, thus helping reduce CO2 emmissions and mitigate the climatic change.

- Trees are able to absorb tonnes of carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis, thus cleaning the atmosphere.

- New forests help reduce the impact of gases on the atmosphere, as young trees are able to capture much more dioxide than older ones.

Wood is a renewable material:

- Wood grows naturally and can be replenished over and over again. If exploitation is responsible, availability is guaranteed.

Its manufacturing is cleaner and more efficient:

- Wood extraction and manufacturing requires much less energy than other materials, and the most of it is obtained from renewable resources.

- Its manufacturing doesn’t require high temperatures and the process is more efficient, thus getting a bigger production with less quantity of resources, in contrast with materials like glass and cement.

- It is possible to make the most of all solid remains generated during the process of manufacturing wood to produce utilities such as panels, fibres and fuel made out of wood.

Sustainability in TBK Bike

We value sustainability from the selection of our resources to the final product, passing through the whole process of manufacturing:

Selection of resources. In our commitment to corporate social responsibility principles, the timber from which we manufacture our TBK bikes come from sustainably managed forests. We select the best wood from companies that have the relevant certifications, such as PEFC accreditation. Our customers need to know that their shopping selections are well-founded and that their lifestyle doesn’t have a negative impact on the planet. We guarantee that TBK frames are the result of responsible practices. The areas where the cutting takes place are promptly replanted and respect the pertinent law (UNE 162002:2013). The companies in charge of distribution are constantly supervised and support responsible practices, replantation and neutralization of the emissions. Choosing suppliers with values is an effective way to select wood from a responsible cutting.

Manufacturing process. As mentioned before, it requires less energy and emits less dioxide than during the manufacturing of bikes made of other materials. Besides, we make the most of the remains to produce accessories for bikes and furniture, and the last remains are used as fertiliser in fields of the same area. Thus, we don’t produce any residues.

The final product: the TBK frame. In the end, what we pursue is sustainable mobility. It is not enough that both the resource and the manufacturing process are sustainable. The final product must also be sustainable. We want to promote cleaner and safer cities, plenty of cyclists, where the bike appears as an alternative means of transport for daily life, healthy both for the people and for the planet.


Nature on the asphalt

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